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About Us

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Our Customer Support Services and accordingly the satisfaction of our customers are the subjects we attach the highest importance to. Unlike all other companies or institutions, we aim to reach a solution in your first communication with us. Our customer support teams, which we have allocated for each of our customers, have been selected and trained to produce solutions for all your problems at your first contact.

Our Vision
To be one of the pioneering and leading companies in the international web hosting industry, primarily in Turkey and then all over the world, that can offer the highest standards, create new standards, and are sensitive to people and the environment.

Our Mission Our
mission, which we have remained faithful to since our establishment, is our business approach that primarily targets the needs and satisfaction of our customers. In this context, our priorities are to facilitate the use of the services we offer, to enrich the content of the service, and to add value to our customers at affordable prices.

With our sincere and hardworking team, it is a part of our mission to provide the most efficient solutions in the shortest time, to give confidence to our customers with our sales and after-sales services, to present the newly developing world standards to our customers with our continuous R&D studies, and to reach perfection that will never end.

Our Quality Policy
 As HostLica, we aim to be a modern institution that can compete with international companies in the sector in the country and abroad, with an approach that provides added value to its customers, using all the possibilities of technology, innovative, developing and using all the possibilities of science.
In the light of all these, our company, which aims at world standards in the services it provides, is on the way to become a modern company that contributes to the country and society in every sense, with the aim of ensuring that all its personnel are fully qualified and equipped.
In order to achieve success in this journey;

• Taking Quality, Scientific Approach as a reference,
• Competitive with an innovative R&D approach,
Our basic quality policy is to create, implement and maintain a quality management system that makes its personnel happy with its working and corporate culture environment and conditions